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Welcome to my blog

09 May 2017

Well, getting this blog set up hasn’t been easy!

I thought on a whim to create a place to chuck all the programming issues I am dealing with, to refer back to later, and possibly to help someone else, or even get some help from a random internet traveller, but it turned out to be a bigger project that I thought. Using Github pages seemed like a good idea (and I am still feeling very positive about it) but I had a surprising amount of trouble getting it all set up. Crazy after some of the complicated issues I deal with at work, but deploying a blog would give me so much trouble! Also, can people even comment? Hmmm…

In essence, I blame the official instructions. They go into great detail about how to deploy the project and then leave you with ‘now create some pages and posts.’ Hmm… great! That’s actually the part I DIDN’T know how to do already!

I’m not going to go into detail about the journey that got me to here, but it was the theme part that I couldn’t work out. I still don’t know how it’s supposed to work by default. I am pulling the site theme into another custom scss file, and telling my layout to pull that. Whatever works.

It’s not very clear, without seeing all the magic Jekyll files, what the hell is actually going on. Once I do the whole set it up on your desktop thing I’ll probably see what’s happening at build and it will be obvious what was missing. Maybe…

I wanted to do this to pimp up my resume a little and look like a super developer, so far, not off to a good start! Hello prospective employers, I do know what I am doing, I swear!